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Since 1995, Horn Lake Animal Hospital and Urgent Care has provided comprehensive veterinary care to pets serving the communities of Horn Lake, Southaven, Walls, Olive Branch, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee. We would be honored to be part of your pet's healthcare team.

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At Horn Lake Animal Hospital and Urgent Care, our licensed veterinarians provide optimal care and service for our clients and their pets in a compassionate environment. We allow walk-ins and do not require appointments for urgent care services.

Horn Lake Animal Hospital and Urgent Care is here to support the special bond between you and your pet, improving lives through personalized care.

A happy orange house cat sunbathing in the autumn

“Very sweet staff. They took my dog in, treated her illness, and kept her overnight for a follow-up. The pay was pretty cheap as well. Gracie is feeling much better. Grateful for this pet hospital.”

Emilee McClenton

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Walk-ins welcome, no appointment necessary.